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Quick and Easy Tips to Make More Money from Your Rental Property

Making little changes to your rental property can make a big difference in making it more attractive to your prospective tenants. Moreover, by doing some improvements, you can increase your rent, lease your property faster and increase the return from your rentals. Here are quick, easy and affordable improvements landlords can make to their rental […]

Landlord Tips: How To Take Good Rental Property Photos

Good property photos help to attract a higher number of good tenants and present the property in its best light. Photos are the first thing renters notice when browsing for rental properties and can be a good selling point at the initial stages. Therefore, when putting together a rental ad, a landlord should take the […]

What Landlords Need To Know About Tenancy Deposits

When a tenant signs up to a new tenancy, most landlords will request they pay a tenancy deposit.  It is required by law and the responsibility of the landlord to protect the deposit through a government-backed tenancy deposit scheme (TDP). In England and Wales, there are three such schemes your deposit can be registered with: […]

For Tenants: How To End Your Tenancy Properly

Any tenants thinking about ending a tenancy should take note that whenever they change, renew or end their rental agreement, they need to do it properly. Giving notice in advance to your landlord will help avoid problems or issues, such as deductions from your tenancy deposit. If you are planning to end your tenancy, do […]